Fall 2017 General Issue - Out Now!

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Click to read "Journal's Make Terrible Time Machines," Co-editors Eve Tuck & K. Wayne Yang's Introduction to the CES 3.2


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Spring 2017 Themed Issue!  "Late Identity" - Out Now!

In this Spring 2017 themed issue by eds. Eve Tuck and K. Wayne Yang, authors trouble the future of identity frames in critical ethnic studies in order to question whether identity is worthwhile to retain, or if the distinct (and varied) political concerns of critical ethnic studies push us beyond the its premises. Preview the Table of Contents and subscribe below!

Click to read Tuck & Yang's Introduction to the CES 3.1 Themed Issue "Late Identity."

And check out this issue's special conversational piece, curated by Sam Spady, "Reflections on Late Identity: In Conversation with Melanie J. Newton, Nirmala Erevelles, Kim TallBear, Rinaldo Walcott, and Dean Itsuji Saranillio"


Volume 3, Issue 1 -- Late Identity (Table of Contents)