Yes. There was a death. Understanding White Supremacist Patriarchy

Yes, there was a death in McKinney, Texas.

Have things settled down in McKinney? Are we done with that incident now, while we talk about #Rachel? It looks like we’re kind of moving on. Eric Casebolt, the officer in question, resigned from the McKinney, TX police department. Greg Conley, McKinney’s Chief of Police, has issued a public apology and went so far as to call Casebolt’s actions “indefensible.” Mayor Brian Loughmiller has pledged to work with the community to help reconcile parties involved. We are (thankfully) processing our rightful rageThere have been organized protests and many well-written critiques of the incident. As a result, policies will probably be reviewed and may even be revised. Department curriculum may be altered to train officers differently. Maybe McKinney will mandate body cameras and integrate its ranks with people of color and more women. There is likely to be a civil suit. So...are we satisfied? I ask because I am sensing a pause before the brush off and forward motion. Just in case the shift is near (or has already happened), I’d like to interject with some very, very important news: There was, in fact, a death in McKinney

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