CESA Journal Volunteerful Spot

Soon, the Critical Ethnic Studies Association Journal is launching a blog made of several short series (see below). The goal for the blog is to be a bit meta, a bit funny, a bit backbiting, a mix of fresh and sweet and inspired and pointed.

We know from spending time with you in Toronto, Chicago and Riverside that you are smart, delightful and hilarious. You've got a way with words and we want you to come this way with them.

Check out some of the topics we're considering below, and suggest some of your own.

New! Extended priority date August 30, 2015

We'll be in touch to ask you to craft posts on one or more topics. Posts will be anywhere from 400-1,200 words, and we'll plan a July-August due date with you.

In the meantime, we'll also be circulating two new calls for journal papers: an open call and a call for our special issue on what justice wants.

You can always get in touch via this address: justice@criticalethnicstudies.org

Talk soon--
Eve Tuck & K. Wayne Yang (Critical Ethnic Studies Journal Editors)

Volunteer to write for the Critical Ethnic Studies Journal Blog